Shipping Info

2024 Shipping rates

Shipping costs are changing after January 1st, 2024. Shipping to countries in bold is now cheaper.

It affected each country individually, that’s why I had to put all countries into 6 different zones.

ZONE 1: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Zone 2: Albania, Andorra, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Georgia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Singapore, Thailand, United States.

Zone 3: Armenia, Brazil, Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Mexico, San Marino, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey.

Zone 4: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Peru.

Zone 5: Australia, New Zealand.

Zone 6: Isle of Man, Jersey.

Contact me via email or social media if your country is not listed here.

All orders are shipped from Lithuania (EU) to any place in the world*.
*(Except Russia, ukraine and Belarus).

Orders cannot be merged

Orders can either be shipped or canceled. All separate orders will be shipped separately. If you want your order to be canceled – contact me via Orders can be canceled only if they are not shipped yet.

Shipping to United States

All orders are shipped from Lithuania. Since Lithuania doesn’t have direct flights to the US, all parcels are transported to Poland/Germany first and then shipped to NY or IL distribution centers (Origin Post is Preparing Shipment aka ‘Pre-Shipment’ phase).

Registered / Tracked Mail

You will receive a confirmation email once the shipping label is created.

Tracked shipping helps to get money back from the post office if the parcel gets lost during the shipping process. In this case, money would be returned back to the buyer.

No Pre-Orders

Creep Purple never makes pre-orders and all the items shown in the Store are available for purchase immediately.

Orders are usually shipped every day (even on Sundays). Although during the new releases when the number of orders are huge the pre-shipment time can extend up to 3-4 days.

Shipping rates by zones

All orders within 0.00-0.05 kg weight-range will be shipped using unregistered mail to keep shipping cost as low as possible to every country.

0.00-0.02 kg – 2.5 eur
0.02-0.05 kg – 3.5 eur

I cannot be held responsible if those orders get lost because it won’t be possible to track them. If you want to buy a single pin or a patch and ask for a tracked shipping – please add another item to your bag so your total weight would go to upper tier weight-range and I ship it using registered / tracked mail.

All orders in 0.05-8 kg weight range will be shipped using registered / tracked mail.

0.05-0.1 kg – 7 eur
0.1-0.5 kg – 8 eur
0.5-1 kg – 12 eur
1-2 kg – 18 eur

Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine,  United Kingdom (UK)
2-4 kg – 35 eur
4-8 kg – 50 eur

2-8 kg orders for the rest Zone 1 countries will be shipped using DPD courier. Scroll down to see the pricing.

0.05-0.1 kg – 9 eur
0.1-0.5 kg – 13 eur
0.5-1 kg – 20 eur
1-2 kg – 30 eur
2-4 kg – 40 eur
4-8 kg – 65 eur

Zone 3:
0.05-0.1 kg – 8 eur
0.1-0.5 kg – 14 eur
0.5-1 kg – 20 eur
1-2 kg – 35 eur
2-4 kg – 45 eur
4-8 kg – 80eur

Zone 4:
0.05-0.1 kg – 8 eur
0.1-0.5 kg – 15 eur
0.5-1 kg – 25 eur
1-2 kg – 40 eur
2-4 kg – 50 eur
4-8 kg – 90 eur

Zone 5:
0.05-0.1 kg – 8 eur
0.1-0.5 kg – 16 eur
0.5-1 kg – 30 eur
1-2 kg – 50 eur
2-4 kg – 65 eur
4-8 kg – 115 eur

Zone 6:
0.05-0.1 kg – 8 eur
0.1-0.5 kg – 20 eur
0.5-1 kg – 35 eur
1-2 kg – 65 eur
2-4 kg – 40 eur
4-8 kg – 60 eur

DPD Courier option

Zone 1-A: Latvia, Estonia.
0-8 kg – 20eur

Zone 1-B: Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia.
0-4 kg – 30eur
4-8 kg – 35eur

Zone 1-C: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden.
0-4 kg – 35eur
4-8 kg – 42eur

Zone 1-D: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain.
0-4 kg – 40eur
4-8 kg – 55eur

Prices listed above are for door-to-door delivery and it usually take around 5 working days to arrive. Don’t forget to write down your phone number if you pick this option.